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We are a not-for-profit foundation, created by the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) in March 2023. We benefit from ECO’s extensive relationships across the full spectrum of cancer care.

Working with oncology professionals to patient advocates, we draw on a wealth of experience from ECO’s Focused Topic Networks, including: Prevention, Early Detection and Screening; Quality Cancer Care; Survivorship and Quality of Life; and so much more.

No other foundation has such broad and deep roots within the European cancer community.

We are dedicated to saving lives and improving the well-being of those touched by cancer – patients, survivors, caregivers and loved ones. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality cancer care, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income level, or geographic location. And we are committed to breaking down barriers preventing that.


We offer vital support to efforts making cancer care more effective, efficient, equitable and inclusive in Europe.

Our mission is to support smaller organisations and projects, smaller medical societies and patient groups, that make a meaningful difference yet often lack the resources to campaign for funds. Our assistance will ensure these innovative non-profits survive, allowing them to bring new ideas and opportunities to life.

The Foundation, governed by a panel of experts in various cancer fields, will also propose new, innovative projects and invite the cancer community to apply for the necessary funding.

andreas charalambous

Andreas Charalambous

Founder & Chair

mirjam crul

Mirjam Crul

Board Member

csaba dégi

Csaba Dégi


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Nicolo Battisti

Board Member

julie fitzsimmins

Julie Fitzsimmins

Board Member

mike morrissey (1)

Mike Morrissey

Executive Director


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Cancer is a complex disease.

And cancer organisations are too numerous to count. Most are focused on a specific country, or specialty, or tumour type. The European Cancer Community Foundation transcends national borders and medical boundaries. We are not limited in our scope. We provide grants to the worthiest organisations across Europe and across all types of cancer.