European Cancer Community Foundation Receives Major Donation from Audi Brussels
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Our sincere thanks to Audi Brussels for their generous donation of €10,000 to the European Cancer Community Foundation. The Founder and Chair of the Foundation, Andreas Charalambous, received the cheque while visiting the Audi Brussels manufacturing plant on 3 October.

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‘Audi Brussels, once again, is demonstrating true philanthropic leadership,’ said Andreas during his visit.

‘This donation will go towards supporting smaller, innovative cancer organisations and projects, including medical societies and patient groups making a meaningful difference yet lacking the resources to campaign for funds.’ 

‘We at the Foundation believe that everyone deserves high-quality cancer care, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income level, or geographic location.’  

Andreas was joined by Mike Morrissey, the Foundation’s executive director.  

They were greeted by: Volker Germann, the general director for production and logistics at Audi Brussels; Waldemar Jakunin, who coordinates workforce and productivity management in the plant; and Peter D’hoore, the head of external communications at Audi Brussels.  

‘Even though producing cars is our core business, the health and welfare of our employees always comes first,’ said Volker. ‘That is why we have decided not to limit our health activities to our factory, but also to support the European Cancer Community Foundation in the fight against cancer throughout Europe.’ 

Waldemar Jakunin is a cancer patient who has been actively engaged with both the Foundation and the European Cancer Organisation, where he chairs the smartCARE Advisory Board.  

He said, ‘The fight against cancer extends beyond medical treatment. It is a shared responsibility of society at large. Solidarity and support from family, employers, and other institutions involved play a crucial role, significantly influencing a patient’s journey and success outcomes.’ 

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Here to Help! 

NEW:  Applications are now open for this year’s European Cancer Community Foundation Rising Star Grants. 

These Grants will contribute to quality research in a cancer-related field, helping to develop the next generation of oncology academics, investigators, researchers, and nurses. The deadline for applications is 22 October. Grants will be awarded at the European Cancer Summit in Brussels (15-16 November).